EYSM Reunion 21-23 July 2013


SAME fabulous musicians

SAME standard of wonderful music 

EYSM Reunion was about a group of very special people all deciding to play an active part in keeping EYSM alive for the future after The British & International Federation of Festivals decided not to continue with EYSM.  Conductors, tutors, administrators, house-staff and, most importantly, student and parents, banded together and agreed to take EYSM forward, beginning with a REUNION day where expertise and commitment was given entirely for free – for the love of the course and for the music.

In the three months available to plan and recruit for a smaller ‘Reuion’ course, many people gave time; offered essential equipment and transport; found and scanned the music; re-scored it to fit our instrumentation. . . the way that it all came together was, quite simply, a wonder!

It is impossible to say thank you to each person individually. They know who they are – and how their contribution made this event possible. Seeing it happen was very special to them.

It was very different. Yet the feeling was unmistakeable. It was EYSM.

We played some crazy games, consumed far too much birthday cake (two more birthdays in this short time!) and most of all, we played wonderful music.

Reunioners should be proud of how they ensured that EYSM carried right on regardless – becoming a charity in its own right and gaining the voluntary support needed.

Thank you, Reunioners! In the future you will say – “I was there!”



Memories of Reunion



EYSM is a family. Its more than JUST the music. Its more than JUST the performance. Its the journey of the camaraderie. It’s impossible to attend EYSM and leave without a sense of fulfilment, pride, and the best memories that you will treasure forever. It isn’t the same as any other musical event. It becomes more of a gathering of beautiful minds and we really do work to amalgamate our visions, and work so hard to create the best and most meaningful music that I’ve ever heard of, or been a part of.

We are a family. A large, weird, eccentric, crazy, dysfunctional and beautiful family. And I will never let a year pass without something resembling EYSM happening. It would always be worth the work.



This summer saw the reunion of EYSM or the European Youth Summer Music school. This special course held at the RNCM (Royal Northern College of Music) in Manchester saw people who attended in the last 20 years of the course to not only share memories of the course but to also try and save the future of EYSM.


The course saw us take part in many different ensembles including wind orchestra, orchestra and an evening option comprising of musical theatre or world music or chamber music. There was also a morning option of either gospel choir or brazilian samba. It was very different to normal EYSM years as this course was only 3 days compared to the normal 7 days. However, after many hours of rehearsing and perfecting, we finally made it. A concerts worth full of music to make anyone proud of our massive achievements in such a small time frame.  We delighted the audience with many different pieces including “Music from Lord of the Dance”, “Dam Busters March” and “My Old Kentucky Home”. We even managed to rehearse the 6th movement of Vaughan William’s “Flos Campi” combining choir and orchestra.


The proudest moment for me from the course was not only the magnificent effort of getting the music together to such a high standard but the fact that we have managed to save EYSM. EYSM is a unique course, one of which we couldn’t do without. I don’t think I could have achieved what I have today musically without the advice and knowledge from the EYSM course and tutors. There valuable knowledge is absolutely priceless and it has certainly inspired me to achieve and be able to be where I am today.  Here’s to the future of EYSM!



This EYSM reunion has made it so clear to me just how lucky I have been to be a part of such a wonderful course over the years! I have met some amazing friends, been tutored by some fantastic musicians and played music I never dreamed I would be capable of playing! I cannot thank Liz, Andy and all the tutors and house staff enough for working so hard to ensure that the course still took place. This reunion proved that EYSM will go on and I hope that I can continue to be a part of it!

Hope to see you again next year!!



EYSM is the place where my daughter’s singing soared to new heights, and where my son now plays flute in ensembles I could only have dreamed of as a youngster.  Previously in the country grounds of Haileybury School, now in the cool student environment of the Royal Northern College of Music, EYSM 2013 has re-created the international family of exuberant musicians that inspires young people to levels they never could have imagined.  The tutors and pastoral team shared their irresistable love of music in a kindly and encouraging manner – even in a new location, Manchester felt like coming home.  Wherever it meets in the future, EYSM will undoubtedly surpass itself yet again and we can’t wait to join up for next year, wherever it is!   Thank you so much.