EYSM 2020: An Update

— UPDATE: Unfortunately applications for VYSM Orchestra are now closed. For more information, please contact us

The problems of social distancing mean that we will not be able hold orchestral or ensemble rehearsals, and that we cannot use overnight accommodation at the school as rooms are not single and ensuite.

Whilst we are sad that EYSM cannot go ahead as usual, we recognise our unique position to provide a distraction from current events, and are therefore excited to announce our plans for a Virtual EYSM Week 2020!


We plan to offer a series of taster sessions to give a diluted experience of what EYSM means to those who attend, and to bring those of you together who might not otherwise get to meet this year. 

We will be hosting a series of online workshops, where you can spend half an hour with our experienced tutors who have a series of fun musical activities planned.

Not only this, but we are recording a full orchestra performance of ‘Parade‘ by Erik Satie. Anybody is welcome to take part, and the resulting film will be shown at the end of the week!

Sunday 26th July
14:00 BST
Monday 27th July
14:00 BST
Tuesday 28th July
14:00 BST
Wednesday 29th July
14:00 BST
Thursday 30th July
14:00 BST
Friday 31st July
14:00 BST
Saturday 1st August
14:00 BST

Percussion with Simon

A bit of fun for everyone!
You will need a cardboard box, plastic bowl, metal baking tray and chopsticks or similar to hit them with 

Followed by Course Orchestra: Recordings from the Archive

Alexander Technique with Charlie

Followed by EYSM Strings: Recordings from the Archive

Strings with Andy and Claire

Followed by Wind Orchestra: Recordings from the Archive

Quiz with Tom Ro-Wo

Followed by Big Band and other ensembles: Recordings from the Archive

EYSM Tutors Performance

Each year the Tutors give us a special concert.  Featuring highlights from past years and then see what the Tutors have been up to in lockdown, preparing a special performance for 2020

Wind and Brass with Dave and Norma

Followed by EYSM Sinfonia: Recordings from the Archive

VYSM Orchestra Performance

Clips of some past final concerts and concertos, topped off with your recording of Erik Satie's 'Parade'