Joanna MacDaniel

Nobody could have imagined that a flyer spotted on a visit to the UK would lead to MacDaniels being part of EYSM for over 20 years. Robin joined in 2000, followed by Susanna and Steph. Susanna became House-staff and Steph is now a well-established member of the Core Team. The next generation has moved up from Junior EYSM to become an enthusiastic member of the main course.

After years of unofficial support, Joanna is now pleased to be able to make a greater contribution. EYSM offers young musicians a wonderful all-round experience and helping it to continue will be a significant achievement. Joanna is an interpreter and translator, who has lived in the Netherlands since 1985. The MacDaniel children helped put the E into EYSM. Joanna has volunteered for a range of organisations.

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