Vocal Work

There are 10–12 vocal places at EYSM which will be filled with applicants across the range of voices to create a balanced ensemble. Vocal students work on solo, ensemble and choral pieces and also on vocal technique and development.

What constitutes practice? Why is the detail of warm up so important, including what exercises warm up specific areas of the voice? ‘How do I develop as a singer?’ Work during the week includes understanding and marking scores, listening to and analysing recordings, thinking about phrasing, learning lyrics, researching material and translating texts.

There is also a chance to join a Pop Specialist workshop, where participants all sing lead and backing vocals, and explore some improvisation, all from a vocally healthy and sustainable place.

All EYSM orchestral and vocal students sing in Course Choir, which has a short rehearsal each day. Also, each day, there are vocal Option sessions for all, which include Chamber Choir and Musical Theatre. Vocal students are particularly asked choose Chamber Choir, in the first Option session each day.

Our 2022 Vocal Repertoire

Course Choir

Magnificat – opening movement
J S Bach

Chamber Choir

Five Childhood Lyrics
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Sing a Song of Sixpence

Musical Theatre

Our Time
Some Other Time

Travis Baker

Vocal Director

As a Certified Master Teacher for Estill Voice Teaching Systems, Travis has worked with Estill Voice Systems in London, Australia, New Zealand and Northern Ireland. He has collaborated with Paul Farrington in the Opera New Zealand Summer School and will be doing so again in 2021. With Paul Farrington, Travis was responsible for coaching the cast of the feature film Quartet, starring Maggie Smith, and subsequently worked on the feature film of Stephen Hawking’s life The Theory of Everything. He held the position of Director of Voice at Millennium Performing Arts College, working with renowned voice specialist Mary King.

Travis works with the education department at Glyndebourne, regularly working with the Youth Opera and delivering workshops on behalf of their outreach programme. During the year, Travis will present a workshop on the changing male voice and the developing female voice.

With his colleague, Judith Colman, Travis has developed BAY Courses. Nurturing young singers locally and internationally, BAY offers four voice courses throughout the year.

Travis works with the boys of Westminster Abbey and The Bromley Boy Singers. In 2020, he will become part of the singing team at ArtsEd College.

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