EYSM is an international summer course with residential or day places for orchestral instrumentalists, singers and composition students aged 11-21 years. Young people come to EYSM not only from the UK and Europe but from all over the world. It takes place for a week each year during UK school summer holidays at St Catherine’s School, Bramley, Surrey.

EYSM has 4 main orchestras and a wide variety of musical activities for young musicians at differing stages of playing experience. Required standards are from Grade 5 to post Diploma (or equivalent for overseas students who do not take graded exams). There is no audition for the course.

Check out how all this works by reading the FAQs in the About EYSM section, where you can also find the sample daily timetable and other key information. You can also watch conductors, tutors, students and others talking about EYSM in short videos spread across the website.

The Orchestras

Course Orchestra

The Course Orchestra is for all EYSM instrumentalists


Students may also play in Sinfonia for some or all of its repertoire

Wind Orchestra

Wind Orchestra players work on amazing repertoire

All Strings

String players tackle great works in this large string ensemble

The Vocal Course

There are 10–12 vocal places at EYSM which will be filled with applicants across the range of voices to create a balanced ensemble. Vocal students work on solo, ensemble and choral pieces and also on vocal technique and development.

All EYSM orchestral and vocal students sing in Course Choir, which has a short rehearsal each day. Also, each day, there are vocal Option sessions for all, which include Chamber Choir and Musical Theatre. Vocal students are particularly asked choose Chamber Choir, in the first Option session each day.

The Options

During the week students choose from a range of extra performing opportunities each day. Often it is the chance to try something they have never tried before, or a chance to increase their skills and experience in a favourite musical activity.

Options take place in the morning before rehearsals; in the late afternoon at the close of rehearsals, then straight after the evening meal, before leisure activities.

Take a look at the Typical Day for more information.

Morning Options
  • Alexander Technique
  • Gospel Choir
  • Samba Percussion
Before Supper Options
  • Chamber Music
  • Improvisation
  • World Music
  • Chamber Choir
After Supper Options
  • Chamber Music
  • Big Band
  • Musical Theatre

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What people say

Pieternal Vanherpe

I met people I will always look up to, symphonic orchestras and composers like Mahler weren’t as scary any more, and in short, they were the best weeks of my life.

Kate McKinley

EYSM’s inclusive, democratic way of working immediately put them at ease, gave them confidence and, most importantly, ignited a love for playing music with others that goes from strength to strength.

Tim Davy

The special thing about EYSM is the collaboration between the staff and the students, working and performing together in such a positive and open way.

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