EYSM takes its responsibilities as a data controller seriously and is committed to using the personal data you provide to us in accordance with the law.

The data you provide to us will be used solely for the purposes of running our course. At the close of the course, most data will be shredded or deleted from electronic files, with two exceptions. One is the email addresses you provide, which we will retain in order to let you know when we launch the course next year unless you ask us to delete your email(s) details at the close of the course. The other exception is medical information which we will ask for before the course, which we will retain for 3 years to meet our insurance obligations, That information will be kept in secure files.

When you are asked for medical information, we will also ask you for permissions for ‘photos and video-filming. You will be told how we will keep it and given the opportunity to refuse ‘photos and videos or specify their use.

The full EYSM Privacy Policy provides a great deal more detailed information about how we process personal data. If you would like to read this Privacy Policy in full, please click the relevant button below.